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Susanne Aichele

PAWS-Passionate About Wellness Services
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Animal Communication Session

Animals have loving, insightful messages for us.

Give them a voice, and Susanne is just that, a voice for animals. Sessions often resolve health and behavioral issues, just by them getting their messages to you.




Feeling lost and confused or simply need a little more clarity about what is going on in your life? 

Susanne has the ability to read your energy field and connect to your guides. She can even get information for your business. Sessions offer you higher insights and information about your next steps. This will help you to live a happier, healthier life. 

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You can do it.

You love Animal Communication and Energy Healing, but you think that it is something only other people can do. Let me tell you, it is something that you can do.
Besides teaching you the required information and techniques, Susanne helps you blast through any limitations you might have. It is often our mind that stops us from truly living up to our potential.

About Susanne

Susanne is an internationally known channel of wisdom and healing insights.

Her words are encoded with healing energy that achieve healing on a profound level. 

 Session available in

English and German.

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Susanne has this amazing ability to tap into my dogs energy field, and know what she needed that would make it better for the two of us. ...Josie was really giving me a hard time when we would go for our walks each day, and Susanne was able to let me know what she needed and what a difference it has made..She also was able to give me sound advice as to what foods would help her to live out a more happier and healthy life as I want her around for a very long time and Josie agrees with this too

Joni, USA


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