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Energy Healing Training for Practitioners & Speakers

This package is designed for practitioners and speakers. This course will help you to offer more powerful sessions, be it acupuncture or massage. You will be able to charge remedies that you sell or use and do long-distance sessions. If you are a speaker or teacher, you are likely to move energy with your words and gestures while speaking to an audience. The course will give you access to energies beyond your own. It's a bit like having a turbocharger.


You will be initiated in all the energies that Susanne has access to. Susanne uses the Reiki initiation, but you will receive so much more than Reiki. In Susanne's experience people that already have Reiki initiation feel that the energies they have access to go way beyond their original Reiki powers. You receive powers that Susanne has acquired over lifetimes.


Her goal is to give people tools to empower themselves and prevent burnout as you will not use your own energy during sessions or when you speak. You will learn techniques to ground and clear your energy field after a session/presentation. 

After the training, you can even do long-distance sessions.


Level 1 is working on the physical level. 

Level 2 is working on the mental, emotional level.

Each Level, is taught in two-hour one-on-one Zoom or phone call. Susanne will do the initiations before and after each call. You will be able to schedule a 30 min integration call for questions and sharing up to four weeks after the Level 2 call.


This course will be custom designed for your specific needs and type of work. It is as much healing for you as it will be, the preparation for a new level in your treatments without using your energy but allowing the universe to flow through you. This way, every time you do a session, you will have a healing session yourself.


We will schedule the call to accommodate your schedule. Level 2 will be scheduled at least three weeks after Level 1 so that the energies can integrate.


You will receive a certificate at the end of the course.


Please let me know if you have any more questions or need clarification. 

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