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Spirit Animal Session

Animals and nature have messages for us. They are just waiting for us to listen, to trust ourselves enough to observe the unseen, which is as real as the seen, maybe even more real.

Sessions are designed for you to learn to access your inner knowing, and your communication skills. Susanne can obtain messages for you, or you can get your own through the support of a guided visualization specifically designed for you. Perhaps you had this encounter with wildlife, or a certain type of bird keeps flying into your window. If you are called to do a session it is very likely because there is an animal calling you.

You will receive a recording to connect with the animals from the session. You can also use the recording to connect with a different animal. It helps if you have a picture, but it’s not a must. Anything is possible.You can connect with dragons, unicorns, fairies …  even the sky is not the limit.

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