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Our energy effects our animals.

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

One day I came across an abandoned campfire that was still burning. At that time we lived in an area where there was a great wildfire risk, and the wind was blowing toward our sub-division. I put out the fire, but not the anger that was burning within me. How could people be so stupid and inconsiderate? I was trying to let it go. I didn't want to get caught by the law of attraction.

By the time we got home, I could feel that there was something off with my dog, Coffee. She seemed to get a bladder infection. (I could feel that because I am an Energy Intuitive.) I tried to clear her energy field and looked up homeopathic remedies, but nothing worked. It got me thinking about what the cause was. She hadn't been sitting out in the cold or had any other reason to get a bladder infection. Could it have been because I was pissed off?

I was pissed off at the people that were so careless, and she was sitting in my energy of being pissed off. It was her way of helping me see that just pretending that I wasn't feeling what I was feeling didn't cut it. I hadn't let it go. I had pushed down the emotion, and just because I wasn't willing to feel it didn't mean it wasn't there.

As soon as I told her that I would take responsibility for my own emotions, her energy field balanced out. Within a split second, the energy of the bladder infection was gone. I still felt angry about it, but I got the message, and she could let go of the manifestation that she had taken on to show me. I went and dealt with my anger in a skillful way.

This doesn't just show you how powerful Energy healing is, it also shows the benefits of Animal Communication. I can now help other people to understand what their animals want to show them, and the messages are always loving messages. Our pets love us so much, but you know that.

Some pets are certified Therapy Animals. The truth is that every pet is a Therapy Animal. You might think that your dog has a cushy life, but your animal is working hard for you. The best thing you can do for your dog besides feeding raw and keeping them at the right weight is to learn how to keep your and your pet's energy field clean. This includes the rest of your family.

We often come home and look forward to petting our dog or cat so that we feel better, but you wouldn't come in from gardening and wipe your hands off on your pet. This is what we are doing if our energy field is polluted with negativity and stress when we pet our animals. Just like we would wash our hands first, we need to clear our energy before we pet the dog or hug the kids to make us feel better.

People often don't know when their pets are in pain unless the pet is limping, or wincing, and is in excruciating pain. People are often surprised when I tell them that their pet is in pain when I do an Energetic Health Check-up for their pet. I feel what the pet is feeling and where they are feeling it. This is my superpower.

You might have not known about clearing your energy before touching your pet until now, and it might take a few days to establish the habit, but it will pay off big time. Some of my clients call me before they make the decision to euthanize their pet due to something that the vet can't find a solution to. This is often the reason why people hire me. I am their last resource. You don’t have to wait that long. When I connect with the pets they show me what needs to be changed in the person's life, and they often get off death row and get to come home again.

Sometimes the disease had advanced too much by the time I come in and they transitioned. I help people through the transition period through animal communication. The pets are still able to get their message across and complete their mission to help their people. I have clients that learn Animal Communication and get guidance from their pets from non-physical. The next animal, which might be the same soul in a different body, will have an easier life. And the love between you and your pet just grew from there on in.

If you are interested in learning how to clear your and your pet's energy field in an Energetic Health Check-up you can book a Wellness Session.

Or you can book an Animal Communication Session.

More Services are on the Home page.

Feel free to contact us via email for more information.

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