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Bear-ing Messages!

As I went out into the sunroom yesterday, I had another bear sighting. The first run-in was Saturday a week ago. After talking to the Conservation Officer, I realized that we needed to chase away the bear for its safety.

Like everyone else in the subdivision, I would rather sit there and watch the bear. The same goes for watching a bear from the car. We make them feel safe around people, and it’s not safe for them.

I struggle with that. The young bear didn’t look totally healthy but not really sick either, so I gave him some energy healing. I promised it to him or her for 15 min every day.

When I communicated with the bear, we talked about the conflicting energy I sent, and I explained the rationale. Then I realized that just like with the behaviour of pets, it is often only once we get the message that they can change.

I realized that the animals have soul contracts with us. Some come by for a fleeting moment, and others stay for longer. Or, they come by again and again, even if it might cost them their lives.

Here is what the bear had to say, and I know it is true because it makes me feel like crying. Not the sad kind but the “I feel so honoured that you would take the time to bring that message to me” kind.

“Don’t be afraid of people, even when they chase you away. You have made their day and are so cute when you growl at me.”

You subscribed to the newsletter because you are open to the messages I bring through, but not everyone is ready for these messages. When I tell people what I do they are not always keen on knowing more. On the other hand, when I don’t talk to the dogs’ people, I often feel I didn’t answer the pet’s request for help.

If you know anyone that can benefit from what I share, please ask them to check out the website and subscribe to the newsletter.

It’s all about enabling animals to fulfil their soul contract with their people, giving people the information required to keep themselves and their animals healthy.

The number one thing to do if you are in an area that has bears is to take down your bird feeder by April first. After that date, it becomes a bear feeder, more than a bird feeder.

When the bears come out of hibernation, the food they find is low in fat and protein, so a load of sunflowers is very enticing, and the bird feeder becomes an attractant for bears and is the number one cause of human-bear conflict. Usually, the bears pay the price.

And maybe nature is designed that way so that the body of the bear has time to get going again. After all, they didn't have a nature call for five to six months.

If you want to receive your message from an animal, click the link below and book a session. Anything is possible.

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