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"Death" of Your Pet

The truth about the “death” of your pet.

You will miss him or her being around. You might think that you will never stop crying, that you can never love another animal like you did this one. You might wonder if you could have done more. Rest assured it is all in divine order. Trust me that if you are open to it, you can communicate with your dog the way you did previously; sometimes on an even deeper level. I walk around with a crowd. I am never alone, even if it seems to other people that I am. I can temporarily feel alone when I forget to tune in with this crowd.

In some cases, you have to make the heart wrenching decision to put your pet down. Then you might wonder if it was the right time, if you did everything you could have done. It is never easy, but that is simply because your heart is big and full of love. If you are with your dog when it passes from this form to the next, and you have an open mind you might see what really happens. There is only life and more life. After I had to put one of my dogs down, I could see that the room was filled with bright light, seemed bigger, and I myself felt euphoric. The euphoria left me shocked and feeling guilty. Did that mean I didn't love her? You know what the mind can come up with. Be open to see what you have never seen before.

Nobody ever leaves, we just change form. My gang agrees. The ‘gang’ meaning a whole group of spirit animals, some of which were in my life as animals, some who just show up whenever they think I need them or call on them. They are not here in a physical sense, but ever present nonetheless.

I have had about 80 dogs, some horses, cats and all the other farm animals I grew up with, in this lifetime. Some of them came back a few times. You can ask your dog to reincarnate with you again. I had my dog Banshee as a horse when I was a teenager. Interestingly she kept the same markings!

Be open to experience something totally new, something you couldn’t have even imagined. Let life surprise you, and yes, reading that in 2020 you may well think you have already had enough surprises. But when we are open to truly seeing, we will see that the environment has had time to recover a bit, and perhaps a few more people are a little more attuned to its needs. In fact, maybe all this stopped us from going over the edge.

Sending you love.

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