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Pet food - raw is best!

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

When one of my dogs was 14 years, she started to throw up every time I fed her. The vet couldn't find the cause. She got energy healing, herbal and homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments, but nothing helped.

I knew that feeding her raw might be a solution, but I was living off the grid in a remote area and didn't have a freezer to store the food, so I tried high-quality freeze-dried. It did not improve things. I finally gave in and bought raw food. I stored it at a friend's place 5km/3 miles away from my house. Although it was an inconvenience, it paid off.

All I had to do to give her healthy life was to change to feeding raw. I was happy, so was she, and so were my other two dogs. I had asked the vet before about switching to raw. He scared me off by telling me what could go wrong if I fed raw, but quite the contrary is true. Kibbles and canned food are killing cats and dogs everywhere.

People would come to visit me in my small cabin, where I lived with my three medium size dogs, expecting it to smell like dogs. They were surprised when there was no hint of doggy smell. My dogs didn't get baths. Doggy breath has less to do with them being dogs than with the food.

I see it over and over again with my clients. Diarrhea? Gone! Itchy skin? Gone! Nausea? Gone! Lethargy? Gone! Just by switching to raw food.

I used to co-own a successful sled dog racing kennel with over 40 dogs. Other competitors usually had over 150 dogs. The reason why the team could finish in top places in Yukon Quest and Iditarod was my holistic approach to health care. The dogs would get chiropractic adjustments when the vet's solutions were painkillers. While I was never much into racing, I was in it for the love of my dogs.

To keep everyone fueled up and fed, we would buy one ton of salmon from the hatchery and one ton of pork fat. The dogs would get scraps from the butcher that we balanced with bonemeal. There was a lot of calculating to make sure their diet was balanced. Years later, when I only had three dogs, I could buy premade balanced raw food.

I am not saying that raw food is always the answer. Sometimes it can be better to put old or sick dogs on freshly cooked food. One of my clients feeds her dog vegan. It helped him recover. Canned or kibbles is never the answer, even if it is a vet-recommended food.

Doctors and vets are generally not a good source of nutritional information. It is not something they learn a lot about in school, and unless your vet educated him or herself about it, you might want to look elsewhere. My goal is to get pets and people healthy as fast as possible. Eating fresh is one of the most important steps for you and your animals.

My dog lived another two happy, healthy years. No more throwing up, and we were able to have many adventures before she transitioned into non-physical.

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