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Energy Check Up for your pet.

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

When I tell people that I do Animal Communication, some tell me that they talk to their pet all the time. And perhaps you do this. But do you listen? And if you do, do you hear and understand what they say? I have had many animals to take care of in the last five decades, including a total of 80 dogs. I used to co-own a sled dog racing kennel that successfully participated in Yukon Quest and Iditarod. We were successful because I treated my dogs in a holistic way. They had the royal treatment—we even had a chiropractor come out to treat the whole team several times during the racing season. I used Energy Healing, Homeopathy and Bach Flowers to name just a few methods to help the dogs to stay in top shape and to recover from injuries. Fun fact-- I can even treat animals while they arrace. That is definitely a secret weapon! I am actually surprised that not more people use these powerful tools during competitions, as these tools get results, and when the dogs are tested for drugs just like any other world class athlete, nothing shows up. I think that what I do is best explained by telling you what usually happens when clients find me. Better said as when their pets bring them to me. When a pet comes to me, it usually has some degree of health or behavioural issue. Generally the people have done everything conventional medicine and dog trainers could think of. I am usually their last resort. I am hoping to change that and you can help animals and their people by sharing this story. When we meet via phone or Zoom, if it’s a cat or dog I ask them what they feed. If they feed commercial kibbles or canned food I recommend that they switch to raw, in very rare cases freshly cooked food. One of my client’s dog is vegan and does well on that. I usually have some recommendations for herbs, homeopathic remedies or other treatments. After that we go into a guided visualization to bring the owner into their heart space. This is where we connect with the pet. From there it is different every time I do it. I follow the energy and at this point the pet’s message usually comes through. Some of them show me pictures, others use more words, then I share the information with their people. People say that I am to the point in a loving way. There have been times where I did not want to say what the animals told me but they insisted. Just like a translator has to stay true to what has been said, I have to be true to what the animals want to convey. One way I know that I actually channel is that they use words I wouldn’t use. One of my clients had a pet at the vet and thought it might be time for her to be euthanized. The dog had been at the vet clinic for about one week because she couldn’t stand on her own. The vet could not find a cause. When I asked questions about what happened before the dog got sick, the person told me that the dog was actually staying with a friend of hers. When I asked why, she told me that she wanted her friend to feel better and the pet was supposed to help with that. It was a very nice gesture from the pet’s person but detrimental to the pet. The pet told me that she could not stand being with the other person, hence the symptoms of not being able to stand up. Animals are very literal. What you see is what you get. Once the owner promised to take her back home the dog instantly got better and left the vet clinic the next day. Pets are honest to a fault. I am not saying any of these things to blame you for any of your pet’s symptoms. They don’t blame. There is no judgement, there is no blame, just so much love it is indescribable. We are the only one that might judges us. The animals never do. The pets are like the people that deliver court documents and they have to get it to the person otherwise they didn’t do the job? The pets are there to get the message to you. It is once they are heard and the owner got the message they needed to convey and applied the recommendations that miracles can happen. Sometimes people ask me for tips but what I do is way beyond a few tips to help. I found that I am not actually helping the pets if I just hand out tips. I still do that, but if your pet is in pain it deserve more. Our pets deserve proper sessions where they are heard and understood. They work so hard for us and deserve our full attention. We bring our cars to regular oil changes but think our pets should just keep going. We do that to ourselves, too. Please don’t wait for something to go wrong. Tips are valuable, but a session is even more valuable. I offer Energetic Health check ups in the Wellness Session. Your pet and yourself deserve it. I know you want to keep them healthy and happy, so book a session today.

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